Ben Tre Sausage

Sausages are selected from the freshest parts of the hog (no scraps sold in the market), then home made puree grinded with milling and marinated accordingly, especially do not use color to make red sausage, no preservatives. Then pork with pig intestines and dry 5 suns to dry in the garden clean, no flies, cockroaches or dust in. As long as the sausage is firm and preserved all month not moldy or sour, although the seller slightly disadvantage because the amount is pretty much droop - 1kg of fresh meat to dry 5 days - only 500g per week left. dried sausage). In return, the sausage pieces are firmly clamped hands should cut out very firm, lean red and white fat look extremely delicious.

Freshly gutted piglets should be large, 3 to 4 inches in diameter. They are not as long as the market for sausage.

Especially, Ben Tre sausage is very high (800g lean meat only 200g fat) should eat without boring, and sweetness is just right, unlike market sausage often filled with fat to reduce the price and often Very sweet because of the Southern taste. You can advise to reduce the sweetness of your order

Products used as gifts are very special, especially for people in other regions such as North, Central ...

1. Deep-fried sausage with cooking oil (small fire), this way is not delicious because the sausage is dry, fast.
2. Bake with oven or charcoal. This way is also delicious
3. Fried with water: Add about 2/3 of the height of the sausage, let the fire rouse, use the chopsticks until the water is dry, roll your hands, wait for melons to dissolve the fat and gold are salted. out. Fried with sausage will be soft, delicious and not eaten.

Methods of preservation:
1. Do not use preserved sausage should be out of normal for 3 to 4 days, if the longer will be sour sausage, when the sour taste almost nem, eat very strange mouth.
2. If you keep the refrigerator for half a month, stop the ice for 3-4 months

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