Tiger Looks To The Moon

Tiger Looks To The Moon

Scintillating leaves are made from dried thyme leaves and use electrodes to draw pictures of native landscape, your own portraiture or any image you want.
Dark brown unique, durable, rustic beauty that luxury.
With the love of art, Minh Phu Chau has transformed the idyllic leaves into pictures - works of art unique.

The thistle leaves are often dried by the Khmer ethnic group and used to group the kitchen, a small part is used to make handicrafts, Buddhist scriptures ... The jar is very durable, not termite, Longevity can be up to a hundred years. To create a picture is not difficult, but to get the beautiful texture, unique, reaching the fineness on the thyme is not simple.


Grafting is a unique product in An Giang province. Mosaic painting materials - special materials only in the area of ​​the An Giang Mountain, jar leaves must be eight years old or more to be durable and flexible plastic. When drawing, use young leaves to retain the color of leaves after drying. Thyme leaves have thin filaments, which makes the leaves more durable and durable compared to many other leaves ... Choosing the time to harvest the leaves is very important, the choice to cut leaves in season sunny, dried for a week, then soaked alum, then dried. After that, the leaves are cut into small pieces with a width of about 2.5 cm and selected the appropriate size and paste the sticky notes on a sheet of paper and then begin painting.

The Great Wave

Paintings on palm leaves do not use paintbrush or paint to draw but only use "fire stick" (electric welding rod) to draw. There are only three main colors: black, brown and yellow. For black, use a "fire pen" to let the leaves burn fiercely and the light intensity of the color depends on the heat of the "fire pen". This is an important step, not only for talented people, but also for the experience and understanding of palm leaf. If the temperature of the "fire pen" is too hot, the leaf is burnt, the painting will not be able to complete

Sculptured leaves with the soul of rustic, rustic heart easy to make gifts to anyone, class, status. From the simple pictures that evoke many memories of a country that most people have experienced and painful memories.

Minh Phu Chau will help you to create the unique gift that this meaning

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