Customs Procedures

Customs Clearance, each person may have a different feel.

Those acquainted with the customs clearance of goods, a day can do more than a dozen sets of declarations, the work may also be simple, normal.

For those who have never before or made the first batch, anxiety is unavoidable; What are: the right record, how to report, how to work with customs ...

Brief Steps of Customs Procedures

Step 1: Prepare the goods document

Step 2: Prepare digital signature, register with General Department of Customs

Step 3: Install VNACCS customs declaration software

Step 4: Registration for specialized inspection (if any)

Step 5: Declaration and transmission of customs declarations

Step 6: Get the delivery order

Step 7: Prepare customs dossier

Step 8: Do customs procedures

Knowing the difficulties of customers, Minh Phu Chau has endeavored to offer "Customs Clearance" service, packing all procedures and handling all difficulties of customers when customers. request. With our experience, Minh Phu Chau can confidently take charge and customers do not have to think about complicated procedures and time-consuming, to focus time to do other work.

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